Afinia L801 Color Label Printer on Sale Now

January 31, 2018

Gone are the days of warehousing large amounts of Printed Labels including Custom Color Labels.  In case of short-notice changes to the label, no stock needs to be wasted, because you can simply print Color Labels on Demand   the currently required amount of labels. The patented Memjet technology provides brilliant colors at unprecedented low ink costs. Included with the printer are drivers, cartridges and the print head.  This printer will enable you to print:

  • Shipping Labels
  • Packaging Labels
  • Food Labels
  • Fun Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Chemical Labels
Uniquely distinguish your products with individual labels in color. Easily print uncut, self-adhesive material off the roll using the Afinia L-801 and cut out labels in any shape and size in combination with the Secabo label cutter LC30. The Afinia L-801 lets you print quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively. High printing speed of up to 300 mm/s allows for a true just-in-time production of your labels on the spot. Powered by Memjet-technology, the Afinia L801 is one of the fastest digital color label printers on the market. Highlights of the Afinia L801 include:

  • Speed and quality — The L801 prints 1600 x 800 dpi, full color labels at 60 feet per minute. Even higher resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi at 30 feet per minute, thanks to the stationary Memjet “waterfall” print head. Instead of traveling back and forth across the label like regular inkjet print heads, this print head stays in place, distributing 700 million drops of ink per second across the entire width of the label as the label passes through it. Meanwhile, CMYKK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and double black) ink tanks produce vivid colors with deep blacks for crisp contrast.Great for Bar Code Labels, Beer Labels, Wine Labels and Water Bottle Labels.
  • Lower ink costs — Memjet technology and large ink tanks, which hold 1.25 liters of ink, work together to reduce ink costs. In fact, the L801 leads the industry with its low ink costs.
  • Fast-drying ink — This is crucial when printing at high speed. The inks used by the Afinia L801 dry instantly, resulting in smudge-free labels — even when immediately handled or rewound onto a label roll.
  • Prints large format labels — The L801 prints labels as narrow as two inches all the way to 8 1/2 inches wide by 40 inches in length.  Great for Wine Bottle Labels, Parking Labels, Utility Labels and Custom Circle Labels.
  • Integrated unwinder — The Afinia L801 includes an integrated unwinder (an optional rewinder is available, sold separately, for roll-to-roll printing).